I’m a Grandpa!


Congratulations to my son, Tom, and my daughter-in-law, Carrie… their baby girl, Gwenyth Caide McCoy, was born on March 18th, 2013.

I’m officially a grandpa! And loving every minute of it!

La Vita è Bella

La vita è bella. Life is beautiful. And when you’re in Italy, you really get the chance to understand that.

Angela and I just returned from a two week vacation in the land of “La Dolce Vita,” where we indulged ourselves in everything that this wonderful country has to offer. We started in Lake Como, then made our way to Venice, Verona, Florence, Siena, Assisi, Pompeii, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, and finally, to Rome.

Great scenery, history, people and their culture, and of course, food and wine. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Michael ‘Doc’ McCoy’s Screenplay “Under the Rising Sun” Takes Grand Prize Honors in Los Angeles

“Under the Rising Sun” was named the Grand Prize Winner of the Creative World Awards International Screenplay Competition in Los Angeles, California. CWA was voted as one of the top 3 most significant contests from Moviebytes.com, and winning screenplays are circulated to top agencies, film studios, managers, producers, and international financers looking for their next project and writer. Additionally, CWA has secured an unprecedented amount of commitments from prominent companies to take first looks at their top winners.

One Word

A screenwriting teacher asked his students, “If you could describe your screenplay in one word, what word would it be?”

Several students offered several answers. None of them got it.

“I’ll make it easier for you. There is really only one word that SHOULD describe your screenplay. And it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Name it and the next movie you go to see will be on me.”

Again, several answers, and again, he shook his head at each one.

Finally, a young woman raised her hand.

“Conflict?” she said.

The teacher walked up to her and held out a gift certificate to the local theater.

She went to take it, but the teacher pulled it back.

“And what scene should this ‘conflict’ occur in?”

She thought for a moment.


He handed the certificate to her.

“Enjoy your movie.”

Loving the Craft

Developing those characters. Nailing those plot points. Finding that “sweet spot” when everything is finally clicking.

And knowing full well… you’ll likely rewrite the whole thing later.

It’s a crazy love/hate relationship. But writers get hooked on it, and with good reason. Rewriting is our lifeblood. We either accept it as a necessary reality of our craft, or we end up going by the wayside of those who simply gave up.

We, the writers. The crazy kooks that bind ourselves to that keyboard, hours on end, somehow managing to produce from it a living, breathing, confused, heroic world. And knowing fully that the odds of getting our work produced is about equal to a lottery win, yet still we write.

And write. And write some more.

Doc McCoy’s Screenplay “Under the Rising Sun” Ranks High in Los Angeles

Michael’s screenplay “Under the Rising Sun,” adapted from his book “Through My Mother’s Eyes,” was among the top three winners of the 2010 Los Angeles International Film Festival screenplay competition on Friday, July 23rd in Los Angeles, California.

Michael ‘Doc’ McCoy wins the 2010 Northern California Screenwriters Script Competition in Napa, CA

Michael’s screenplay “Under the Rising Sun,” adapted from his book “Through My Mother’s Eyes,” was declared the winner of the 2010 Northern California Screenwriters & Filmmakers Expo Script Competition on Sunday, March 28th at the Northern California Screenwriters & Filmmakers Expo at the Silverado Resort in Napa, California!